This Selfie Took 600 Days To Make And It’s By Far The Most Epic Selfie You’ll See

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One of the best advice I have ever received was to spend money on experiences not on things.

This video will inspire you to take time off, book flights, and go on an adventure.

Few of the many reasons why spending money to travel is a wise investment include:

  • Opening your eyes to the beauty of earth.
  • Meeting new people and making lifetime friendships.
  • Getting cultured and learning about different societies and lifestyles.
  • Getting away helps you see the big picture and asses what matters in life.
  • Escaping the noise and pressures at home or work.
  • Giving your mind a space to rest from all the traffic.
  • Trying delicious food from all over the world.Here is the epic selfie:

You don’t spend money to travel, you invest it.

What else would you add on the list above? Have you had a life changing traveling experience? Let me know your comments below.

– Johnny Youssef


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